domingo, 3 de julio de 2016

A beautiful jewel in Waterloo

   Hi again everyone. I'm in London now, not for a lot of time actually, but currently here for now. And as I am here, I wanted to talk about a little secret. The daily London book fair, or The Southbank Centre Book Market.

   It was hard at the beginning to find it, because when I looked it up on Google Maps, it appears in another place, so when I got off the bridge, I turned left. What a mistake! I walked a lot more and worse, I was completely starving.

It's true I can be disoriented sometimes.
   But in the end, after a lot of perseverance, I finally found it under the Waterloo bridge. Literally, under the bridge, next to the river Thames. 

   There, there are second hand books, quite cheap really. Some of them are great sagas and bestsellers, with a cost of two or three pounds.

   However, you can find antiques books as well, although the price could be a bit higher, not as higher as in other bookshops, though.

   Of course, there is also a place for rare books, not to say bizarre, that only could appear here.

   So, you already know now. If you ever come here, and you love books, you have to walk around this book market under the Waterloo bridge.

   Anyway, my favorite secret is another bookshop I have found, but I will talk about this one in another post, beside the other beautiful London bookshops.

- Do you know any other book fair that it's hidden, waiting to be discovered?

Take care, and see you next time! Thank you for being here! :)

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