sábado, 9 de julio de 2016

Poems on the Underground

   Hi everyone! Today it will be a short post because I slept a huge siesta. It's like I still had jet-lagged.

   I wanted to show you a jewel -everything is a jewel to me- I found when I went to take the underground two weekends before I left.

   Poems on the Underground is a project promoted by Transport for LondonArts Council England y The British Council, active since 1986; it started with the idea of the writer from The United States, Judith Chernaik, with the aim of taking the poetry to an audience even wider, and make the journey nicer and more inspiring for them.

   Do you know similar projects in another place to encourage art? I know, for example, in Romania people travel for free in buses if they do it reading.

   That is all for now. Take care and thank you for being here!

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