sábado, 2 de julio de 2016

I am Looking for a Word - Wisława Szymborska

   Hi everyone! Today, I dedicate this post to Wisława Szymborska, winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1996.

   This day, but in 1923, she was born, poetess, essayist, and Polish translator. Her first poem was published in 1945, while she studied at university, in a local newspaper in Cracovia, letting loose her great talent for letters. Its title was I am Looking for a Word (Szukam słowa).
   Before reading it, I recommend you to click the video below and listen to this great Beethoven's melody (my favourite) and then read the poem with this song playing at the bottom. At the end, you will see why.

   Please note that as I couldn’t find a proper English translation of the poem, I’ve translated it from Spanish. It’s a primitive translation, so it could have a lot of mistakes:

   The Sweden Academy said about her, quite rightly, "she is like the Mozart of poetry, with something of the fury of Beethoven".


- Have you heard before about Wisława Szymborska?
- Did you like this poem?

   I enjoyed a lot writing this post. I hope you had liked it as well.

   Take care everyone and see you next time!

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  1. This first poem already reveals the immense power of the poet. The ability to see-through appearances to question deeply. Fantastic!

    1. Yes! I thought the same! It's fantastic as you said. Thank you for your comment :)