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Alice & Alice in Wonderland

   Hi everyone! Yesterday –and the day before- I wanted to write but it was my last day in London, and I had to do a lot of things. In the end, I couldnt do everything I wanted to although I was outside since early in the morning until late at night. But it was worth every single second.

   And yesterday, well, I had to fly and I was supposed to be comfortable in the hotel, writing during the stop, but I had to spend the night inside the airport, so I continued there. I won’t tell the details of the story, but when I arrived last night, I was sooooo tired that I just could hug my bed.
   But lets go better to todaypost –yesterdayand the day before-
  Alice Through the Looking Glass is still playing in the cinemas. It is a success; everyone knows it. I myself rejected to watch the first one, but when I did it, the result was I loved it.
  However, how many viewers of both movies in the entire world know the origin is in the books with the same title? And how many know it all began in July 4th, 1862?
   That day, the writer Lewis Carroll –whose real name was Charles Lutwidge Dodson-, told a tale to Alice Liddell - Alice Pleasance Liddell Hargreaves Taylor- when she was a little girl; she, moved and eager of hearing more, asked Lewis to write it down.

Alice, Alice and Lewis
   It can be assumed that the character Alice is inspired in the little Alice, who shares at least the name. However, the author has always denied it and there is not concrete evidence to corroborate it, although it is true Lewis and little Alice had a close relationship, or that it was he wanted.
   In fact, at the end of Alice Through the Looking Glass, there is a poem that forms the name of Alice Pleasance Lidell if the initials of each line are put together. This is, nevertheless, just a theory.
But on the other hand, Lewis Carroll was also a photographer, and one of the people more portrayed by him was Alice, among other little girls. Actually, it has been kept a letter from her parents asking Lewis not to get close to Alice any more.

The other side of the story
   The idea I had when I started writing this post it that sometimes, stories can be very successful, blockbusters, bestsellers. But beyond every one of them, there is the authors story, which is not always that fairy tale we see, and which is, however, crying aloud for being discovered.
-   Have you ever watched the movies or read the books?
-  When you read or see a work of art, a movie, or any artistic expression, do you want to know what happened to the author in that moment?

That is all for today. Thank you for being here! I leave you with the trailers of the movies. :)

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